“Gold Qur’an” presented at The “DIALOGUE OF CIVILIZATIONS” International Forum in Bahrain.


Unique publication, “Gold Qur’an”, a precise copy of the world’s most ancient manuscript of the so-called “Usman Qur’an” was presented by the Russian delegation at the “Dialogue of Civilizations” International Forum which is drawing to a close today, Wednesday the 30th, in the capital of Bahrain, Manama.

“Gold Koran” published in Russia is a precise copy of the first Qur’an manuscript dating back to the 8th century. All Suras of the Muslim sacred book are engraved on gold plates in Arabic letters. The work over “Gold Qur’an” continued for several years. Best craftsmen and professionals, experts on Islamic world were involved. Here is more from scientist studying Islam Alikber Alikberov:

The “Bahrain dialogue of civilizations” is held in the framework of the International public forum “Dialogue of civilizations”, a standing organization uniting political, scientific, cultural and business elites of over 60 countries. It is headed by prominent Russian businessman Vladimir Yakunin. The current forum concentrated on the development of scientific, public and cultural ties between Russia and Islamic countries. Vladimir Yakunin says that the idea behind the current form is to present Orthodoxy and Russian Orthodox Church in completely Muslim region and to adjust a dialogue between confessions. He added that Orthodoxy and Russian culture are open for Islamic world.

Director of one of the world’s biggest museums, the Russian Hermitage, Mikhail Piotrovsky says that in two weeks an exposition titled “Palaces and tent structures. Islamic world between China and Europe” will open in St. Petersburg. For the first time it will tell about a dialogue between the world’s three most important regions—-China, the Muslim world and Europe. Another project is an exhibition of Muslim art in Kazan prepared jointly by the Hermitage and Louvre.

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